Afghan Students Meet VRU President

          Afghan Students Association (ADNA) Meet VRU President            

Afghan Intellectual students' Association known as ADNA met with VRU President Professor Dehghan on May 25, 2016.

During this meeting which was the first of its kind, ADNA's chairperson Reza Sahebi delivered a report on the activities orchestrated by this association across the city of Rafsanjan.

Referring to successes of the first symposium on the role of Afghan students and graduates in the reconstruction of Afghanistan held in October 2015 by ADNA, he added that the Afghan students dwelling in Rafsanjan aspire to reinforce the solidarity between the two brotherly nations of Iran and Afghanistan and present a positive image of Afghani nationals.

He further described Afghan students as perseverant, self-disciplined, and well-behaved who wish to be decent future cultural ambassadors in their country of origin.

On his part, Professor Dehghan expressed his resolve to promote bilateral academic exchanges between the two nations. He hailed Afghan students as representatives of a big nation who are doing their best to prevent divisive activities and thoughts from gaining ground.

It is noteworthy that Rafsanjan hosts tens of thousands of Afghani asylum seekers and nationals who live side by side with locals.

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